Home Staging

What is Home Staging?


Home Staging is a service which will transform your property, making it more appealing to a wider range of potential buyers, 

Staging helps your potential buyers to see how the space can be used to its full potential as some people have difficulty in visualising how an empty room can look, often in smaller rooms, they question if a bed or a sofa will actually fit in to a small bedroom or living room.

We also style the property so it stands out when people are scrolling through estate agents listings, as seen in the image above the yellow vase attracts attention and its reflection in the appliances draws your eye all around the kitchen.

Staging your property will maximise the sense of space and light, it can also help those viewing the property to see themselves living there by giving it a more warm and welcoming feel.

We also use a range of scented candles and diffusers which also help in selling a property, strange odours are one of the main reasons that put people off buying a property.

                                          Coffee table styling     

It can take up to 10 viewings to get a sale on a property, if there is no interest the property can become stale and be overlooked in the listings, a home staged property catches the eye and is often remembered due to a feature in the house which has enhanced the room, as you can see below, we had a bespoke headboard made especially for a master bedroom in a 6 bedroomed property, this helped the viewers visualise that this was the master suit. We also painted the wall behind the headboard to make it standout as all the walls in the property were painted Magnolia. 

                            Before staging                                                                                After Staging

                                                                       We removed the dated wardrobes and had a bespoke headboard made for this master bedroom.

When selling your home you may think the property will sell on its own with no staging, this is another option, the property market is fierce at the moment but if your property is empty or looks dated and unloved  a potential buyer could skip past your listing and move towards a property that looks, fresh and inviting.

If the property has been listed for a while with no interest, the property becomes stale and the estate agent may suggest that you reduce the price to attract a buyer, is it not worth investing a little money and having your property staged to get the highest value possible?

Home Staged properties sell quicker and for a higher value than un-staged properties, "Don't reduce it, stage it"

If you would like more information then contact us and we can give you a free quotation

Thank you for reading, 

Best Wishes

Dianne and Stewy